High In The L.A. Sky


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Flying past the mountains in the L.A. sky
looking at nature makes me smile that such 
beauty can be found in something considered wild
for miles like water that flows smoothly down the nile

The times we had on the ground were crazy but the 
sky and the clouds keep calling me baby as I can
see the stars while the sun's out and they look beautiful
then, but when the sun goes down my eyes shine the brightest

The people on the ground seem like ants, their problems
insignificant as they act like sycophants toward other 
humans who ultimately don't matter, trying to climb
that imaginary corporate ladder

Sure, get money and live the life you love
sure, do business for the lord up above
sure, serve the world and make their lives easy
I have nothing against genuine service, believe me

Looking at life from a bird's eye view
thinking about all the things I want to do 
before I breathe my last breath and it all
goes black as I nosedive toward the ground
and the atmosphere lights me on fire.

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