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Running through the jungle with the wind
blowing through my hair, the heat washes over
me and the sweat drips from my brow as I look
for a place to cool down and enjoy me leisure time

Why am I running, you ask? Well, I just like to run is all
no, no, there's nothing dangerous except the midday sun

I come across a waterfall that looks heavenly, the water so
crisp and clear I think this is were they get spring water from.
the constant, static sound as the water hits the pond soothes me
like a baby being rocked to sleep in its mother's arms

The ambiance hypnotizes me and the smell fills my nostrils
with its heavenly grace, I glide toward it and descend into the 
pond and feel immediate bliss, the only thought going through
my mind is, "what sorcery is this?"

Everything is going just fine and I'd be remiss to forget
that I heard footsteps and I new that something was amiss.

Not in a threatening way but in a strange and playful one,
that light and graceful rhythm, yes, it is the same one
that I heard a couple days ago before the presence it belonged
to blessed me with the sight of it. . .

the most beautiful being in the world that can turn day
to night with a kiss.

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