True Wealth

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The stoical perspective on wealth is that peace of mind and equanimity is the true wealth. All the money and fortune and fame only lead to misery and endless hardship. People are often willing to break their necks and work to the bone for very immoral and sinful desires but do not want to work toward achieving peace of mind, equanimity, and the capacity to enjoy less.

The nature of wealth is internal and the monetary mechanism called money is the physical manifestation of that wealth. When a person values themselves enough to do what’s best for themselves, to make the choices that require them to move past their fears and exercise extraordinary willpower, to do what is best for themselves in the long run even though it may be painful for them in the short term, this is the true nature of wealth as those actions accumulate into a state of being that once felt and understood can never be revoked.

Money and all physical manifestations of wealth come and go but come again to those who are determined and driven enough to make the choices and execute the actions needed to achieve their plans of returning to their former status.

The philosopher Seneca the younger stated that if all his wealth were to go away that it would take nothing with it but itself. Now remember, Seneca was a wealthy statesman who was the lead advisor to emperor Nero back in antiquity. He was by no means a poor man; however, he didn’t let his wealth go to his head nor did he attribute his value as a human being and hence he was able to keep his wealth, even when he was sentenced to death.

Wealth is not something over there or out there in the ether, wealth is something only you can cultivate from the inside and once it is cultivated sufficiently will manifest externally. The external world is a reflection of the internal world and as such everything must be done on the inside, but most people don’t want to do that work because it is difficult.

Well, being broke and miserable is difficult so which one will you choose?

Be broke and miserable for the rest of your life or go through the pain for five years and live the life you love for the next fifty-five years?

The choice is yours.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week!

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