A Purple Kind Of Love


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The colors hit different when it rains
all types of abstract thoughts running
through my brain, it reminds me of the
joker which makes me insane as the world
turns to chaos with no reprieve, sense or

A purple kind of love where everything is all
mixed, an indescribable feeling people didn't 
know exists, a dull and lingering feeling that
somehow still persist even through all the numbing
agents man uses to get rid of it.

Alcohol, drugs, weed, and psychedelics can't make
this go away as it turns my world to mush under
its weight; is this my fate? to be crushed by purple
love, not the color purple, but the purple in the love?

drink the pain, fuck the pain, suck the pain, drain
the pain the purple love leaves after it leaves drives 
one insane, to the point you don't look at a gun but
propane. Pour it in a glass and considering to drink it
as a gun shot to the head would reveal all that he was

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