Alone In Nature


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The tides change along with the temperature
as the sun rises high in the sky. The fish swim
freely without worry of being fished out and 
used as seafood at a five dollar restaurant.
The clouds cruise through the sky that has a
distinct blue on this day, for some reason, it
appears almost surreal, almost. . . like a hologram

That's funny, that I mention the word hologram
as sometimes I feel like the world is one big
hologram with predetermined responses and 
actions and gestures. Sometimes, I feel only 
nature is real and humanity and civilization
are fake.

The system of man and the system of nature 
work similarly but are very different. Nature
has been here forever where man's system has
only been here a few hundred thousand years.
The majesty and intelligence of the natural world
never ceases to amaze me, something so simple that
I've seen a thousand times leaves me with a sense of
equanimity and equilibrium that I can't find anywhere

The world becomes more connected and disconnected
at the same time while nature remains connected all the
time, in a world where technology has taken over and 
given man god like power nature hasn't backed down
nor batted an eye, as it loves kicking man's ass every time.

Which is why I prefer to be in nature, to smell the roses and
lilies, to enjoy the gentle breeze that blows every minute or
so and the gentle whoosh of the waves and the rustle of the
trees over the horns of the city and the noise of random 
people going on about problems that mean nothing, living 
meaningless lives and arbitrary existences that will amount
to nothing in the grand scheme of things.

To be alone in nature is to be alone with god,
to be alone with god is to be alone with the universe
to be alone with the universe is to be totally alone
to be totally alone is to realize that you're not alone. . .
for everything in one.

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