A High Value Man Vs. High Quality Man

Everyone’s been going on about being a high value man, what it takes to be a high value man and how one can become a high value man. Specifically, becoming such a man to have his pick of women and live the jet set life of the rich and famous.

You know, like hollywood.

Now, what most people don’t understand is that just because you are a high value man, it doesn’t mean that all your problems will be solved and that everyone in the world will treat you with respect, admiration, and positivity.

Anyone who thinks we live in such a world is sadly mistaken.

A high value man is predicated on socioeconomic value, what a man can do for women and society, the tangibles that a man can produce for other people in exchange for profit and revenue. Basically, being a high value man is strictly external.

This is not the way to go, as it simply makes you a target for gold diggers, liars, deceivers, shrewd businessmen and women, and all types of negative energy that you’d be better off being without.

Just take a look at the string of divorces involving basketball players, business magnates, movie stars and the like.

Those are high value men by society’s standard, men that can kill everything else, master the game of life and crush it like no tomorrow, only to give it all away, flush it down the toilet for the sake of some random woman that sucked the life out his dick one time and got him hooked.

See, a high value man can get caught in a trap like that, as being a high value man has nothing to do with your virtue, strength, courage, discipline, integrity, and self-respect.

A high quality man, on the other hand, won’t get caught up in such madness.

A high quality man is someone with internal worth and intrinsic value. A high quality man doesn’t rely on externals and validation from people he’ll see once and will never see again to feel good about himself. A high quality man understands the concept of value and how it changes due to the psychological and ideological state of any given culture and that values change like the weather while quality does not.

A high quality man has more value than a high value man as a high quality man’s value isn’t conducive to a culture, it is conducive to the individual and how that individual has tailored his life to fit him and no one else.

Think of characters like Goku from Dragonball or Midoriya from My Hero Academia. Why do people like those characters so much, what do people dress up like these characters and act like these characters at anime conventions and shit like that? Why do you think people idolize fictional characters?

Because these characters never pretended to be someone they were not, these characters never tried to seek validation from anyone. These characters never tried to be cool or be part of the in-crowd. Now, some characters did simp out for a girl but that’s just the nature of the genre. I’m talking about the characters that had a mission, that had a desire, that had something they wanted to achieve in their lives. Those characters.

People are looking for guidance, they are looking for someone they can look up to, someone they can be proud to learn from the meaning of being your true self and pursuing the best version of that self. People are looking for high quality men to show them the way of being an individual and living the life you love.

A high value man is only a shell, a facade, a front as to what it looks like to live the jet set life of a complete individual.

A high quality man with internal an intrinsic value doesn’t need the world to validate him. The world needs his abilities, his attributes, his extraordinary nature to propel the state of human existence for it is high quality men that have accomplished the greatest feats and achieved the greatest goals.

This is the difference between high value and high quality: high value is like fashion, the trend changes every couple years or so. High quality is consistent throughout the times, it doesn’t go out of style and it always looks good and feels goo in the long run.

Stop trying to be high value and start being high quality instead. You will thank yourself in the future.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week!

3 thoughts on “A High Value Man Vs. High Quality Man

  1. Yes!! My sister and I have been talking about the difference and you spelled it out nicely. No need for validation if you are walking in your purpose. That’s the difference. Authentic, intentional and real.

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