A Wonderful Life


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The unexamined life isn't worth living
well, neither is a life without a mission
you don't have to make the biggest difference
as long as you make a difference, it's a beautiful
thing when things start becoming different

There were times in this life where things couldn't
be worse, times in this life where every day was full
of hurt, times in this life where the pain didn't end,
times in this life where you had to pretend things
were fine when they really weren't, hunky dory when
they were terrible, working out in the gym until you 
had the varicose, struggling and grinding until you
living like the kings you've read about in parables

Seeking understanding and knowledge, looking
for god outside the church and abandoning 
degrees from college; transcending politics 'cause
the answers you want are spiritual, the closest 
thing you can find are from rappers who are lyrical
but generational talent like Kendrick or Cole comes
in intervals, surrounded by clones in a matrix that
seems indivisible.

Life is a wonderful thing but so is death too, it releases
you from the pain and everything that you've been 
through, even though there's grief and people you
miss deeply but always know their spirit is with you,
the connection is more than skin deep

A wonderful like event though it's filled with struggle,
people that hate and people with nothing but love for you,
circumstance that challenge you and rewards that make it
worth it, a wonderful life occurs from beneath the surface.

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