Life is tough enough but leveling up is tougher
especially when you grew up with a single mother
did her best to hold it down and did a job like no other
until you talk to your pops and hear the truth about

Not that she a bad person, just an undercover lunatic
growing up you watched her do a bunch of stupid shit
and realized after you found out the truth that the 
break up between your parents had nothing to do with you.

Everybody want what they can't have, and if they can't have
it then the whole shit go bad. Hottest love coldest hate you
know the shit is just so sad, when you think about the 
positive household you could've had.

Even if you came from the gutter, there were good times
everybody came together on holidays, you know, good vibes
you would never think everybody was hurting inside
until the holidays are over and everyone hates each other

You got a good head on your shoulders, so you make strides
everybody clapping for you, so you take pride and when you
get high up enough you start to realize that these people
were holding you back this entire time.

Now you have to make a decision, and it's a tough one
before you had a big ass family, now you got none.
That don't mean you in the wrong, you walking your
own path and the fact they can't come with you is what
makes it sad.

Now you alone on a big mountain, staring at the world
from atop and see just how deranged and strange this
whole life is. Wisdom, understanding, and knowledge is 
what you chase now cause the universe want you to
change the world in your style.

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