Most people in life are reluctant
to do what's best for themselves and
ensure they have coverage; not just 
the bases but the basis of your life
to take control of yourself and keep it
even through strife.

Most people in life don't know what they want
so they get on social media and taunt
other people who seem to be down in the 
dumps just like them but they don't know 
if that person is better off or worse than them.

Most people don't want others to succeed 
putting out negative energy to the youth
planting seeds of dysfunction and destruction
until all hope of positivity is reduced to nothing.

People don't have value until they accomplish something
that's why they go so hard from the gutter, they were
given nothing and they had to take the darkness
and turn it into something light until $100,000 a 
year is something light.

Figure out what you want and focus on nothing else
because nothing's more important in this life than
satisfying yourself.

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