A Twisted Rainbow

There were no leprechauns and gold at the end
the only that remained is everything's end
all the colors and wonders ceased to exist
and left me to question what the fuck was this?

This twisted rainbow twisted all my dreams
dismembered my ambitions, ripped my life by the seams
so I have to put it back together but it will never be so
because this twisted rainbow stole all my flow

It made me the way I am, a zombie without a soul
all because I partook in riding this twisted rainbow.
speaking of rainbow, it was raining when it hit me
that this wasn't what it seemed at first glance and then
it hit me that this twisted thing was pandora's box

And that's why at the end all that remained was the end,
the end of hopes and dreams that everything will be better
that the clouds will go away and we will have sunny weather
that birds will flock together and leave a confetti of feathers
dropping from the sky as our amounts of blessings increase to
proportions sky high til we reach the divine, but first, we have
to make sure this twisted rainbow never touches the skies.

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