Those Who Stay Til Death

Look me in the eyes as you take my life,
inherit all my problems, struggles, and strife
I wasn't the wisest man even at the heights of
my mental and physical prowess, when I had all 
the power and my stamina allowed me to go on
for hours

Those who stayed through adversity will tell you
it's truth, I was invincible, a god, nothing I couldn't
do! I was a thoroughbred killer through and through
and any one that lied to me was slain with my sword
of truth

Well, you wanna see the proof? Of how many men I've
buried? You can accompany them if you're in such a hurry
to challenge the authority that's led this ream to glory, now
return to your post before this business gets gory.

Let me tell you a story of my escapades like the great
escape from enemy territory while I was away on 
vacation, a girl came up to me and asked my vocation,
I told her and then she did something strange and, the 
next thing I knew I was surrounded by strangers

People I've never met before nor have heard of, but 
they've heard of me and how I've turned whole 
worlds to dust, some looked dejected like their souls
were just crushed as they stated I killed their family, one
member annually that fought in the wars against me and
now they want revenge on me

I sprang to my feet and kept my head on a swivel and everything
went up to smoke and the waters around us rippled from the
gust of wind coming from an oncoming missile, it just
barely missed me but half the strangers weren't so lucky

I made a run for it as I didn't have weapons but with a 
military veteran I've made due with far less, and, 
considering how I was dressed I wasn't threatening to
say the least; my opponents armed to the teeth as if 
preparing for a feast on their tormentor's blood the 
day before Thanksgiving's feast.

There was a cliff that led to the bottom of a river that
led to the ocean, and so, without emotion I ran to the 
cliff and jumped off, no hesitation. They tried to shoot me
even then just to make sure I'd be dead by the time I hit the
bottom but all I hit was bottom as everything went blue then
black and the next thing I knew it was you guys welcoming me

This was before you became part of the crew, little private.
Now go mop the floors so the crew and I can talk in private.

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