The City That Never Sleeps

Slow motion in the mind but still embrace the fast life
fit into the city like a glove, this must've been a past life
people rushing to get to work, to get home and chill as
everything's been done and they wanna break from the thrill

It's all too surreal how everyone is always hyped up
moving to fast for their bodies to keep up and the 
foundations of their lives fall apart while they get 
the most convenient things they can for their shopping

country boys and girls are amazed by the skyscrapers
and the people shopping on fifth ave like they got a lot
of paper; keeping up with the Jones' is the trend that 
doesn't end as everyone's self worth is based on the 
belief whoever has the most stuff wins.

Being high value means having all these possessions,
but whose in possession of what? It gets hard to tell
as the rich live beyond their means but don't die well

Sacrifice the health to get the wealth then use the wealth
to get the health; sold the soul years ago and you can no
longer find yourself. All the lights and allure caught you and
picked you clean and when you look in the mirror there's 
someone you've never seen, oh how the lights glamour have
turned you into a monster that went from tilling the land on
the farm to smoking contraband

It's funny because now you can barely stand the thought of
money, the allure of fame, all the lights and glamour that
once seemed like gold as it brought you to your knees trying
to figure who stole your soul 'cause you don't remember selling it,
and even if you did you would've said no, right? You would've
said you'd make your own way, right? Pull your own weight, right?

Of course you would, now go home and get some sleep before you
get trapped by the city that never sleeps.

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