The Most Beautiful River

A narcissist sees their reflection in the river,
thinks they're the most beautiful thing to come hither,
graceful in the summer and classy in the winter as
she wears that icy dress and walks with glass slippers.

In the summer she's radiant, most mortal men don't
know what to make of it, nor how to show
appreciation for the lord's work, watch the lord
work miracles in nature.

The water flows to your cabin so your family can drink up
the river flows to the neighbor's place so y'all can link up
and talk about all the random things you can think of.

A river so graceful as it feeds so many families, schools
of fish so the people can eat annually and everyone
respects the land, they understand if wasn't for the 
lord's plan no one would exist and all the natural
beauty wouldn't persist even in the midst of winter
when everything faces death, and the children get
upset as all the leaves from their favorite tree falls
til there's nothing left.

The river becomes icy enough to skate on so the 
kids put their skates on and play on the river
their mother birthed the babies on, snow falls on
their head, they look up and ahead and still see the
sun peaking through, and every day it rises, it
doesn't mind the snow in the way 'cause it's still
shining in the midst of a beautiful winter with 
children performing wondrous routines on the 
still beautiful river.

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