A Return To Poetry

Everyone uses the term poetry in motion
then reference the motion to the waves of the ocean
saying they got the magic and everything just flowing
when they pockets are empty and they house is the coldest

broke people flex and the rich dress like the homeless
got a gucci belt and one bill from being homeless
always financing and renting but never owning
buying from other people but never building they own shit

talk about injustice and racism, that ain't it
talk about the govt stealing people money and shit
talk about how people still living 9 to 5, broke for 
40 years still a slave from 9 to 5

chasing bitches and money just to feel validated
that just shows you're still enamored in the matrix
life ain't hard, you just make it complicated
mind so numb, might as well be sedated

voting don't matter so stop acting like it do
the president of the states ain't the president of you
get off your ass and do what you gotta do
to live the life you love because all that matters is you.

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