The Face Of Death

Grimreaper, come on in and have seat
come to take me away but first let's have a drink
they life flashes before your eyes when you see death
but all I see is a moment in which death hasn't come yet

Are you the one who takes me to the most high to be judged?
are you the one that shows me the nature of true love?
are you the one that shows me the implications of oneness?
are you the one that shows me the hundreds, of souls
that were lost before you came to take them?

Wasted their lives before they realized what they could
make of the time they were allotted; if they lived
true and treated themselves and others honest.
Followed traditional traps like going to college, 
racking up debt, rising faster than they can drop it.

Most people die in their twenties, buried at seventy
wasting your life away only to realize at seventy,
that all the time gone you'll never get back and
it's too late to backtrack and find where you
lost yourself, you're about to die in three years
and all the regret and rage that fills you when
you think about how you got here, then death shows
up and takes you away and now you're not here.

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