Shadow Work

Look yourself in the mirror and 
what do you see? Is there anyone 
in the world as fucked up as me?

Probably, no, in fact, I'm positive
there is. But, as you probably know
their lives are complete shit.

Look at you, griping about american
problems when people around the world
have more relevant problems.

Stuck in traffic on the way to work? Too bad!
A kids' mother just died in front of him, she was stabbed
to death. Kid went into foster care, now his whole life's
a wreck.

Father wasn't around, I'm lying, yes he was. He was
the one who stabbed his mother in back of the truck!

Now he walks alone, his father says be a man. You
just lost the person who would ever understand and
accept you unconditionally. . . do you understand?

This world is based on conditions, you see, when you
become a man you have to build value, cultivate trust,
do what's best for you and not give a fuck.

Why listen to the man who just killed your mother?
Because these are my last words. . .

have a nice life, motherfucker!

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