Embodying The Greatest Good

The first step to embodying the greatest good in the lives of others is embodying the greatest good in your own life.

Read that again.

Doing good starts with you. If you can’t do good for yourself, how can you do good for others.

In this life, you must be selfish so you can be selfless; you must create a separation so that you can affect change and unity with yourself and those around you. When I say be “selfish”, I mean be selfish in a way that isn’t detrimental to others.

Being a detriment to others is NOT hurting their feelings or anything to do with emotionalism. The reason you may feel bad for doing what is best for you is because you’ve been conditioned to do for others at the expense of yourself. You’ve been told that being a good person is being considerate of everyone else and putting yourself last; meanwhile, everyone else is benefiting from you and you’re getting nothing in return. You’re miserable, desperate, and destitute while everyone else enjoys their lives off of your hard work, energy, efforts, expenditure of resources, etc.

To embody the greatest good, you must first embody the good of yourself and for yourself. Stop letting other people take advantage of you, stop letting people use you and manipulate your emotions to their ends. Spend some time by yourself, get to know yourself, conquer yourself, and you’ll see your life get so much better because of it.

This process will require the sacrifice of your ego and attachment which may mean cutting off family and friends for the sake of your sanity and peace of mind.

Yes, this will be difficult. Yes, you’re going to feel like you’re wrong. Yes, you’re going to feel like you’re being ungrateful and selfish. But, that’s how it starts out.

The reason your family and friends don’t want you to cut them off and figure out who you are is because it will show and reflect their lack of effort, their lack of productivity, their lack of understanding, and their lack of security and certainty in who they are.

So, because of that, they will say and do anything to keep you where you are so they can feel better and more comfortable in themselves. Rather than do the work of self improvement and working toward the greatest good, they would rather beat you down and sacrifice you to make themselves and their egos feel better.

Now, they don’t intentionally do this. This is all subconscious as the ego hijacks the mind, body, and soul (to a degree) and skews reality to seem like everything is against them when it’s really the ego versus itself.

Do what is best for you because you matter. Do what is best for you because your peace of mind matters. Do what’s best for you because you are a human being, man or woman, as well and you deserve to live the best life you possibly can.

Embody the greatest good for yourself, so you can embody the greatest good for those you care about. Detach from externals and circumstances to preserve your peace of mind so you can life an easier life.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next time!

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