Whimsical Wizards

As magic happens there's
fatal attraction between two people
of opposing factions, neither knows a
fraction about the other but there's friction

The kind that makes it hard to resist and the 
heat persists until the two have no choice but
to engage in a tryst, they don't regret it at all
but sense something's amiss.

They don't really like each other, but something's
pulling them into this.

A gravitational pull, a magnetic wave. Something
supernatural's afoot, what else can one say?
Logic ans reason still lead in his mind but he
doesn't understand why he keeps engaging with 
this girl all the time.

She has no feelings toward him but her body
says different, hot to the touch and moist on
the inside; aware of this she is but she's void
of emotion as her body pulls her toward his 
in gyrating motions.

Did she drink a potion? Did he put her under a
spell? He's just as lost as she is, but he's thinking 
'Oh well!' as they spiral down into hell in all this 
confusion. Entering each other like minds enter

The pleasure rises but the feeling is intrusive
but their bodies have become accustomed to
each other's movements.

But, what they don't is on their walls is a lizard
camouflaging like a chameleon and is an avid
listener as the couple's bodies whisper as pulses
become quicker, pulling the strings is a whimsical

Controlling the intercourse until he ejaculates in her! 

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