Never Lose The Rhythm

Ah, so refreshing how I can still write
a verse, as the sun goes down and the night
does it's work; and my mind takes flight
even after a long day at work, must be nice
you think, how I'm able to flirt, even entice
the English language like an attractive woman

Ah, yes, now I'm cooking! Not like an electric stove
you'll have to give me a minute as prime the pump
and the friction gives me a feeling I've missed; 
getting the rust out and the floodgates open, now to
show you what I'm capable of, I'm exposing my outer
limits of this logical human vision as my brain soon
gives way to intuition.

Now, I'm on the mission and the third eye's open,
which means I CBS with one eye open, I know it's an
old line but give me time to buss open a can of rhymes
smooth and sublime with an essence so divine it transcends 
time, it's a damn crime how I'm able to rhyme so fly
your girlfriend get jealous.

My words like Larry Bird, so, whose coming second?
My flow like Micheal Jordan, 6-0, no flexin'
Dance around like Mike, a criminal with no record
which means I'ma smooth criminal if you didn't get
the reference. Bob n' weave Mike knock you out in
one round with no weapons, other than these hands
when once they hot you can't stand, and you wonder
why my hit's harder than a Lebron James stan, defending a 
losing record but I think I'll stop there.

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