I’ve Never Felt This Before

The weight around my neck and
strain on my shoulders; is this 
how atlas felt with the world on his
shoulders? To carry everyone and
everything in existence and take on
responsibility with no choice in the

Born as a man with the burden of
performance; having no value unless
you're seen performing like a clown, 
a monkey, a circus attraction. To make 
others smile with no true satisfaction, 
seeing them happy only gives you a 
fraction of the fulfillment you need,
but on one ever gives a damn 'bout
your needs.

You were born to be free, not to be
used like a slave. You've never felt this
much anger. Your whole life you've been
lied to, and now this boiling rage deep
inside you is coming out with a vengeance
a motherfucking menace to a fucked up
society that's taken you for granted.

Going your own way? Good, they don't care.
Looking out for yourself? Good, no one will do
it for you.
Making your own path? Good, you have a brain too.
Taking life by the horns and fucking it at your 
favorite angle? 
Middle fingers up to girl that cheated on you?
Middle fingers up to the world that shitted on you?
Middle fingers up as you spread your wings and soar
with just one thought. . .

I've never felt this before.

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