More Life, More Dreams

Poetry in motion is so elemental
and I think its time to get back to fundamentals
like reading books and collecting wisdom is
always fun to mental; television is lies to your
vision, nothing but fantasy; breaking your back
to keep up with the Jones' is insanity. That's how
you lose your sanity, trying to live out false dreams
worshiping false idols when their lives are miserable.

Don't let that money fool you to thinking they're indivisible,
one wrong move and they're back to being invisible. Corporate 
drains the soul and forces one to go mystical, and realizes
life is more than just the physical.

You ran around in circle even if you've never used an
elliptical, rolls around your waist that never used to 
be visible; bags under your eyes that make you look
miserable and a shitty ass boss that makes you 
feels expendable; in all aspects of your life you feel
replaceable, trying to figured out what you've done
to be hated so.

In this world it's make it or take it,
killed or be killed. Get love for being 
fake and hate for being real 'cause fake
is normalized and it's viewed as wrong to feel,
lies spread fast and the truth has no appeal but
it's the only that alleviates the pain, the suffering, 
the strife that makes you want to take your life

But don't take your life, you'll just be right back here.
Don't take your life and reduce others to tears.
Have courage enough to stand and face your fears and
even when you get knocked down,, celebrate that you're
still here.

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