The Life Of The Free

The life of the free is often one's
main dream but it remains unfulfilled
because the end's not seen. Nor is the 
beginning due to lack of motivation
they say you can be anything but you
can't do anything, the matrix has you
and it watches you do everything.

No privacy, no autonomy, this co-dependence
drives one crazy to think you're always dependent
on others to do the job, you can't do anything yourself
Well, if you're not challenged how can you ever 
discover yourself, test your own strength and exceed
your own limits? Discover your purpose in life, your 
one mission that god deemed you worthy for, for rich
or for poor, all that matters is your soul and drive to
grind until you rise high.

The life of the free, that's one's main mission.
Not to make the biggest difference but to simply
make a difference. No, you're not invincible, no you
not superman . . .

but all it takes is you. You're the only one who believes
you can.

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