Thy Former Self

Thy former self drove me insane
thy former self didn't know the lane 
that was meant to be taken for every
path seemed the same, should I go for
peace of mind or the allure of fame?

The question is tough but necessary,
if I don't decided now it'll be never and
by then I'll be buried. Race the rat race
and work for 40 years until I'm buried
Fuck the bullshit, I'll live the life I want to live
had to decide this so together I could bring my
shit, get my shit together so to speak and work
my ass off til I get rich.

Put in extra time, put in extra work,
put in extra training even if your feet hurt.
Is this the cost to be the boss, is this the cost
to rise in life? can't be! Of all the things in life that
both my parents handed me, didn't prepare to be 
grown and be a man, see, this shit ain't easy but
I ain't complaining because I'm handy and resourceful.

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