The Life You Love

The life you love is within your grasp,
all you have to do is reach out. All the 
struggle and toil and hard work and 
dedication will all pay off. All the fighting,
all the training, all hard fought victories
were not in vain. The sacrifices made to 
enact forms of self love has changed you so,
I can clearly see that who you were before is gone. . .
you are not the same.

If you don't sacrifice for what you want, what
you want becomes the sacrifice. At least, that's 
what you've heard so far. To sacrifice something
of a lower nature for something of a higher nature. . .
is no longer a creed but an art.

You paint your vision then write it down before
you get lost and drown in the stream of thoughts
that run through your head so you don't go to bed
feeling unfed; not in the sense of hunger but in the 
sense of fulfillment, so what if you don't procreate
and leave children, as long as you leave a path that
leads to fulfillment you'll become the hero even when
now you're the villain.

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