A Beautiful Mind

A beautiful is the most evil gift,
one thought to another it often drifts,
the curse of instability always persists
and every time an idea hits the next
weeks it's a miss.

A beautiful mind creates beautiful lines,
such as this poem you're reading, these 
beautiful rhymes and the thought with 
which they're written has always been
sublime, every line crafted like a blacksmith's
sword in medieval times.

A beautiful mind creates a meaningful life,
and if one can find peace without paying
the price of spending his body, resources like
time, money and physical strength; to achieve
his highest potential without being spiritually

A beautiful mind is the most painful gift,
one minute it's on the point the next minute
it drifts and the mental instability always 
persists as time passes by and you don't
realize what you've missed.

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