The Key To Never Quitting

A strong spirit.

A will to keep pushing forward.

Never trying to be someone you’re not.

Accepting who you are and loving it for all it’s flaws and imperfections.

All of these are keys to never quitting. But, you wanna know what the biggest key is?

You sure you wanna know?

Alright, alright, I’ll tell ya.

NEVER think about quitting in the first place.

How can something happen if it never crosses or enters your mind?

It can’t.

So, how do you get to a point where quitting doesn’t even enter your mind?

Easy, start achieving your goals. Work at your goals until you achieve them. Cultivate within yourself a desire to win. Learn how to put yourself first and solely focus on your growth. Focus more on the process than the end goal.

Find ways to make it easier when you feel like crap and make it harder when you feel good. The point being, don’t stop.

Once you stop, you start to think about quitting.

Once you stop, your brain stops.

Once you stop, your whole world stops.

Don’t get it confused. You can rest every now and again, but don’t stop.

Always keep moving, I don’t care if you move at a snail’s pace. As long as you’re not in the same exact spot you were a moment ago, that’s all that matters.

Slow progress is better than NO progress.

Keep going, but calibrate how hard to step on the gas along the way.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week!

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