Little Black Cat

Little black cat how you mock me so, do you think I'm as insane as Edgar Allan Poe? I will not fall into your trap, your intellectual cunning, for I can see the devastating that's coming.

Were you another animal I wouldn't be on edge, nevertheless, when I see a black cat I pledge not to adopt it, take it in as my own for the bad luck I currently have condemns me to be alone.

For, it is alone I connect with myself and cultivate true wealth, and you remind me that happiness is a job better done in stealth. So, for my mental health and sanity I will spare myself looking in the mirror out of vanity for it is there I face my own calamity.

So, little black cat, I have no time today. I'm too busy trying to get out of my own way, so if you can do me a favor and scurry away before my will wears thin and I ask you to stay.

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