The Ultimate Warrior Mentality

Stoicism and Buddhism are two of the most effective philosophies for developing the warrior mentality as they encapsulate what it is to be a warrior in the first place.

Detachment. Plain and Simple.

See, the mentality of a warrior is not in his ability to hold adversity on and within himself and still operate at peak capacity. But, the warrior’s ability to not let adversity affect his state of mind and state of spirit.

Detaching from the outcome and not letting that dictate your self-worth is the greatest position of power to be in as true power is the conquering of self.

Conquering yourself is the greatest adversity you’ll ever face as your social conditioning and the beliefs of those before you will forever be ingrained in your subconscious mind to some degree.

However, not all hope is lost. In fact, you don’t even need hope to solve this issue.

First step is to take back your mind from society, media, social media, those around you. In this step you will need to be alone for a bit, go broke, lose some friends, keep your head down and grind and become the best version of yourself.

Second step is to accept yourself for who you were and to embrace who you are becoming. This way, you uphold the principles you’ve built from the ground up and cut off anyone that goes against those.

Third step is to live. Live the life you want to live with disregard for what anyone else thinks. Stop letting other people tell you how to live, stop letting people define you, stop letting other people tell you what right and wrong is when you already know what it is within your heart and soul.

The ultimate warrior mentality is detaching from the outcome, detaching from a self-destructive mindset, and detaching from all things, for then nothing can faze you. Nothing can touch your mind, heart, and spirit.

And when nothing can touch your mind, heart, and spirit, you have nothing to lose. Not even your life.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week!

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