To Win You Must Be Right Within

Everything starts with you.

Your goals, dreams, habits, idiosyncrasies, psychological makeup.

All of it starts with you.

If you don’t make sure you’re right within, your outside world will reflect everything that is wrong.

If you don’t like the fact you’re an asshole, all you’ll run into is assholes. If you don’t like the fact you’re passive aggressive, all you’ll run into is people who are.

Everyone you meet that enters and stays in your life for a period of time is a reflection of something you like or don’t like about yourself.

If you find yourself surrounded by a bunch of people you don’t like, you better look in the mirror.

If you find yourself around people you do like and who like you back, you aren’t here reading this blog post.

Everything starts from within. Everyone goes off of your energy. This is your life which means you are the star and everything revolves around you, at least, from your perspective.

Start living life for you, and, once you get yourself in order, you can live for more.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week!

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