Into The Shadows

A man is afraid of the unknown yet doesn't know his mind. 
It plays tricks on his consciousness all the time, 
making decisions that he thinks right at the time 
but regrets later and realizes that decision had 
no reason or rhyme.

He goes into his mind to find 
social conditioning that leads his life 
without his permission and so he takes up 
the mission to establish his own mind, 
own brain, own vision, to find what's been missing.

It's been lost and he knows it'll take some time 
to be found and he knows he'll spend some time 
messing around, he'll be shocked, he'll be astounded 
at the nonsense that persists in his subconscious 
that's been allowed to exist.

Now he has to exorcise it 
but first he must exercise it, 
his right to live his will to conquer his demons 
and green eyed monsters 
that have been allowed to foster 
and play the role of his mother and father.

The mission is intense, 
the pressure is immense, 
and now his resolves is 
leaning on the fence. 
Should he run? 
Should he quit? 
Should he say "fuck this shit?" 
Who knows, there's only one heart and soul 
as he enters the shadows to rediscover his own goals.

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