Five Things You Realize After The Red Pill

For those who don’t know what the red pill is, it is a state of awareness pertaining to the world around you and acting in accordance with that awareness.

That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.

Most people learn about the red pill through the dating and relationship game. Men, by realizing women are cold and calculating and only out for themselves (well, some women). And women by realizing that all those times they’ve had random sex with guys was the ultimate waste of time when they hear their biological clock ticking and have to hurry up and marry a sucker for fear of being alone.

This blog isn’t to attack women so feminist can sit the hell down.

With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s get into it.

1.Put Yourself First– Self preservation is the number one law of the land. People that understand this are typically more selfish and more successful to boot. This isn’t because they are horrible people, this is because our nature is conducive to the world we live in and the environment we grow up in. A person from the hood and a person from the suburbs will grow up to be two completely different types of people.

2. Most Women Won’t Want You– This one’s for the boys. Most women aren’t attracted to you and have ulterior motives for being with you. This is why you never lead with anything but your physical presence. Once you start showing your goods to women (or anyone for that matter) people start to think of ways to take advantage of you. Don’t be that person, recognize that most women aren’t attracted to you and act accordingly.

3. Religion is a Farce– Everyone knows this on some level. However, once you take the red pill, this fact magnifies like crazy. You start to realize that there are many men cut from the cloth and few cut from the lord. That God is not in church but within you as a relationship with God is personal, not something to be profited off of through collection plates (tithes) and exploitation of american’s spirituality.

4. The American Dream Is Dead– That loving wife, that white picket fence with two and a half kids and a dog. . .yeah right! If you know what the red pill is and have dived into it even a little bit, marriage is the first thing that is scrutinized and completely debunked as anything more than an extortion racket for the transfer of wealth from men to women because the female dollar is the most powerful in this consumerist economy.

5. The Life Of A Loner– You find there is no one like you around you (at least, not in your immediate vicinity) and you think you are the only one that knows the truth until you come across an online forum or reddit. Even then, you realize that the only way you can communicate with other red pill people is online because you will almost never run into one in real life.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Till next week!

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