Wild Snakes

The way you sliver, the way you move, 
it reminds me of a woman with a sadistic 
and alluring groove, the way you hiss 
the way you swerve and curve 
I can't help but think about her.

Maybe you are her, just in true form. 
I know your nature yet can't resist your temptation, 
the intensity of your aroma, 
the shine of your scales and the gleam in your eyes.

Though they are deceptive and scour 
in all directions as you plant misdirection 
to alter my perceptions and lower my 
protections, wrapping around my legs, 
your skin matches my complexion, 
and you sliver up my body in such sensual fashion. 
One would think you were fond of me 
and wanted to incite passion.

I'm not fooled by your touch for 
I know its a distraction so you can 
go for my neck and strike me dead. 

Fatal attraction. 

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