The Number One Piece Of Advice For Life

Ignore all advice.

That’s the advice. I know, I know, the irony. But, we’ll get to that later.

You need only one mind working on your life, yours. You need only one heart and soul working on this life, yours.

There is no reason you should be trying to live the life of someone you’re not. Following in other people’s footsteps. Trying to accomplish what they’ve accomplished.

Set your own goals. Sit down and think for yourself for once in your life and demand the very best from yourself.

When you ignore all advice and do your thing with no interruptions, a sense of confidence overtakes you. It fills you to the brim and you start to believe in yourself. The more time you spend with yourself, the more you will become accepting of your own company. The more you will trust your own authority, and the more you will live a life that’s true to you.

So, for the love of god, ignore all advice. Figure out what you want from this life and go after it with everything you have.

I know, I know, this really isn’t philosophy. More like motivation.

Well, damn it sometimes philosophy and motivation are one and the same.

So, ironically, take this advice and ignore all advice. Learn to trust yourself. Learn to believe in yourself first. And then, and only then, will others begin to believe in you.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Till next week.

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