Beautiful Earth

I'm aware I don't have the pen of Shakespeare but this is
such a beautiful world we live in; the animals, the trees, nature, I don't
see anything wrong with it. Even us humans with the ability to be incredible saints yet be capable of incorrigible sin.

As I pull the sin and let the arrow fly into the sky and an eagle soars by, my arrow barely misses and the the eagle doesn't bat an eye, just soars higher into the sky. That's good, for the eagle wasn't my intended target.

No, the target was the sun that shines in my eyes so beautifully it makes
me cry, for filling me with such joy and dampening my rage, for washing away my hatred for all that is humanity and filling me with bliss, even though the state of my mind is far from ignorance.

For it is ignorance that was the last thing to give me this kind of bliss, and I'd be remiss to not mention the tragedy of this, for ignorance is the lowest state of awareness.

I reload the arrow and pull the sin and think of the sins I have committed, my hands are taut and my intent is vicious. There's no way I'm missing or that my arrow will go missing while it's fishing for fresh meat for the midday snack.

Just as I'm about to pull and let it fly I see and eagle fly by and from the corner of my eye, a tiger lies in wait, hungry for the attack.

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