Five Things People Should Value But Don’t

No preamble on this one.

If you’ve read my last post then you already know I’m going to keep this short and to the point.

With that said, let’s get into it.

  1. Introspection– When people spend time looking inside themselves, they tend to find that every belief they have is either not their own or is a false conception of how reality really works. When you look inside yourself, you get to fix your own problems without others putting you down, making you feel inadequate and dumb because they don’t understand who they are and want to project that same confusion onto you.
  2. Peace of Mind– To me, this is priceless. Anyone that threatens this gets cut off without warning. There is no hesitation or reconciling. No one and I mean NO ONE should come before your peace of mind. Not your mother, father, grandmother, friends, girlfriend, coworkers, neighbors, money, fame, success, NOTHING COMES BEFORE PEACE OF MIND AND SANITY! NOTHING!
  3. Alone Time– Being surrounded by people all day, while fun at times, can be very tiring. You need time to recharge, reset, and attack the day with some semblance of strength before you chew someone’s head off. Being alone can help release tension, lighten up your mood, and recenter you into your natural, loving disposition.
  4. Emotional Health– As men, we’re always told to be tough and push it down. This is the very mindset that digs us into an early grave. Look, we’re all human and we all have emotions. To suppress it and act like it isn’t there doesn’t make it go away. Instead, the emotions manifest in dark, weird, and crude ways that make us do things we wouldn’t even consider in our logical state of mind (especially when the boys downstairs get involved).
  5. Physical Health– Just because you may look good on the outside doesn’t mean everything is good on the inside. If you eat nothing but junk food all day and don’t have acne, that doesn’t mean you are healthy. It means you have youth on your side and nature hasn’t set in to kick your ass yet. Take your physical health more seriously than just going to the gym and lifting 500lbs. Try actually watching what you put into your body instead of piling on the pounds thinking it will make you stronger.

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