Ways To Maintain Your Energy

Look, we all go through life the same as anyone else. We all face things that make us laugh, cry, stress out and get gray hairs, annoy us, and every other emotion you can think of including the ones we don’t know exist within us.

Here are some ways to maintain 100% of your energy throughout the day.

  1. Stop Taking Yourself So Serious– Look, I understand you take your sanity, growth and elevation in life seriously. However, there comes a point where your serious disposition scares people off and leads to you being alone. Now, being a loner is nothing to be ashamed of; however, when it is a result of you taking yourself too serious and scaring people off it can really do damage your social skills, self-esteem, and future prospects.
  2. Get Rid Of Things That Stress You Out– When most people think of improvement they think of adding something to their lives. Well, contrary to popular belief, the best way to improve is to subtract. Look, the human brain can only take on so much at one time and be effective. When you start multitasking and all that other garbage, you end up sucking at everything. Get rid of the things that aren’t important and start doing the things that are.
  3. Take Nothing Personal. . . NOTHING– How people act toward you is how they feel about themselves. Never let anyone’s bad day ruin yours. Whatever their problem is is their business and none of yours. I know you want to help people, but, make sure you’re in a good mood first before anything, and remember, nothing personal, just business.
  4. Meditate– This should be number one because this gives you the space to relax and forget all your problems for five, ten, even fifteen minutes a day. Meditation has helped me become a calmer, happier, and more masculine version of myself and I believe it can do the same for anyone who is prone to stress. Find a space, release the tension in your body and embrace the orgasmic feeling of relief as for once in your life you can be instead of feeling obligated to do all the time.
  5. Exercise– Yeah, I know. Where are you gonna find the time to do a ninety minute workout? Well, I’m here to tell you the workout doesn’t have to be hella intense and you don’t have to kill yourself to get in shape. If you’re new to exercising, ease your way into it with some basic movements and work form there. A fitness site I use is http://www.darebee.com . Over there, it’s fitness on your terms and they have hundreds of exercise from levels 1-5 (one being easy and five being hard). Have fun!

These are just a few ways to maintain your energy throughout the day. We’re getting to a point in our society where people realize our current way of living isn’t conducive to a good life. Well, I’m here to give you the building blocks to a way that is conducive to a good life.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week!

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