Five Things Society Wants You to Value But You Shouldn’t

When it comes to one’s standing in society, their foothold in life, everyone wants to fit in and belong to something greater than themselves. Everyone wants to be surrounded by like-minded people who think, feel, act, and believe as they do.

However, in pursuit of this, people tend to fall into traps and end up valuing things they’d be better off not caring about (or even thinking about) in the first place.

Here are five things society wants you to value but you really shouldn’t.

  1. Other People’s Opinions– yeah, it sounds cool to say “do other people’s opinions pay your bills? No? So why even think about them?” But who really has that level of intestinal fortitude to disregard people’s opinions so easily? Not many. Yes, other people’s opinions don’t pay your bills; in fact, other people’s opinions mean nothing if you don’t even know about them. Third, they have no value if you don’t give them any value. The thing about this life is that no one really cares about your successes, failures, growth, and stagnation except you. Once you realize that and stop worrying about what other people think about you (regardless of whether that person benefits you), you can start living life for the only person that matters. . . you.
  2. Getting Laid– Look, every guy wants to get laid and laid a lot. However, there comes a point where one realizes there’s more to life than having sex with multiple women. Yeah, women can be fun, exciting, and adventurous in the bedroom. But, there are more things to life such as traveling, spending time with loved ones (if they’re in your life), hanging out with friends, engaging in your hobbies, pursuing your goals and dreams, etc. Getting laid isn’t as important as society makes it out to be. Stop focusing on women all the time and live life for once before you die never living at all.
  3. Money– This one is simple: we don’t want the money, we only want what the money gets us. If we focus more on what we want than the money it takes to get it, we would get what we want more often than not. Look, money is not the cure-all for every problem in your life. Some problems require things money can’t buy.
  4. Success/Fame– You’re kidding, right? Do you really want people in your business all the time? Making a fuss about everything you say and do? Scheming on your downfall? Trying to discredit your name at every turn? You see what’s happening to rich and powerful men all over the world, do you? Best to focus on living the best life you can and enjoying it in peace.
  5. External Validation– The previous four things stem from this, looking for anything outside yourself to complete you. If more people spent time looking inside themselves and fixing their own problems, sorting out their own emotional woes, none of these other things would exist. The cornerstone of a strong value system and a high sense of self-worth. Cultivate that within yourself and the life you truly deserve will unfold before your eyes.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Till next week.

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