Where I’ve been

Hello guys, I know I’ve been away for quite some time. Let’s just say some things happened that sidetracked me from keeping up with the blog.

I’m happy to inform you all that have been supporting and following my page during this time that I am back and posting again!

However, some changes will be taking place with the blog.

Firstly, I will now be posting content about spirituality and self-improvement which will be different than my philosophy posts. These post will be designed to help people with some of the most pressing issues they have in life as well as offer practical and applicable solutions to overcoming them.

Second, I will still be posting short stories and poetry on Mondays and Wednesdays and writing advice on Fridays, so, no worries there.

Third, my short story collection “Born in Fire” is now available as a paperback for free for the next couple days so get it, read it, and review it while you can!

Fourth, my next book “Immortal” will be out on Christmas so look out for that.

Fifth, I’ll tell you all what happened in stunning detail as soon as I get things back in order here.

Oh yeah, and I’ve killed all my social media accounts because they’re useless and I don’t need them anymore.

Appreciate you all!

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