The Path of The Great Man

There are two purposes for man being on this earth:

  1. To fulfill the biological imperative (Procreation)
  2. To find and follow your gift (Your life purpose)

The path of The Great Man mostly forgoes the biological imperative to follow their gift, their passion, their joy in life. In a society designed to keep people eternally amused and distracted, these men decide that they will live their lives for themselves first and help others when they can, rather than sacrificing themselves like lambs to the slaughter.

The Great Man, in modern times, is being forged. He is improving himself not only physically, but mentally and spiritually. The Great Man realizes that the pains he experienced in his past and the insecurities and flaws he’s developed because of them need to be addressed and dealt with. He realizes he is not perfect but perfection is the goal nonetheless.

The Great Man realizes his childhood was only the beginning of the pain and suffering he will go through throughout his life, that this world is cold and unforgiving, that no one really cares about him and his journey, his wants and his needs. He realizes people only call him selfish because he will no longer let people take advantage of him, cross his boundaries, disrespect his person and his values, stomp on his morals and principles. He understands the degeneracy that goes on in society and refuses to be apart of such foolishness.

The Great Man tries many things in search for his gift, he gets rid of anything that will hinder him on his journey. He also understands his journey is not The Hero’s Journey but The Great Man’s Journey. He understands that The Great Man’s Journey is toward self-actualization and fulfillment, that happiness is nothing more than a chemical high and a fleeting emotion. The Great Man fights to live a meaningful life and does not expect to have it easy, no. The Great Man fights to gain the strength to endure a hard life, a life with suffering, pain, loss, sacrifice, but most importantly, self-improvement.

The Great Man knows he needs to jump into the fire and withstand the heat of the flames, to endure the bruises, burns, cuts, and scars, to battle with his entire being as the weakness and former demons leave him and his vessel becomes empty, hollow, and at peace.

The Great Man will find his gift and forsake all of life’s fruits, he will forgo family, friends, relationships, an abundant social life, a luxurious house, a brand new car, traveling, all of these will be thrown into the fire that is Self-Mastery and Self-Actualization. The Great Man makes a conscious decision to forge himself into the toughest, most durable steel the world has ever known.

The Great Man will not be recognized for his progress nor rewarded for his pain, at least, not immediately. There will be no crowd, there will be no fame, there will be no adoration, only silence and time to perfect his craft, to fully realize the value of his gift. There will only be the laboratory designed to perfect the machine that is The Great Man, for man is a machine, and The Great Man is the superior machine.

The Great Man’s Journey is not meant for many. Hell, even those who embark don’t always make it. However, what makes The Great Man great is that he is a man in the truest sense of the word.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week. . .

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