Black Pill Values (Philosophy)

Alright, a couple weeks ago I described what the Black Pill is. Now, it is time to discuss what the values are of someone who is Black Pilled. Note that these will be a bit different than form what is typically seen online, and, these values are predicated upon life being more than just women, marriage, and The American Dream.

With that being said, let’s get to it.

  1. You Realize everything is bullshit. Everything. – In a world where everyone is trying to get inside your head and control you in some form or fashion, you have been able to block out all the voices that have no idea what they’re talking about and no idea of how life works in general. You have realized that this world including your parents, friends, coworkers, teachers, college professors, everyone is in on this indoctrination predicated on the belief in authority, religion, the american dream, etc. and you have simply decided to take your life into your own hands and separate yourself from society completely.
  2. You accept that everything is bullshit and simply move on with your life – There is no hatred, no anger, no rage, no misogyny, no violence. Your mind has elevated past that point. You don’t operate on the frequency of your immediate surroundings anymore. All the things that used to interest you, all the things you used to do to try to fit in, to belong to a group, don’t matter anymore. You find yourself not being able to relate to anybody in your immediate vicinity and you’re alright with that, it doesn’t faze you. You allow people to live their lives and make their own naive decisions while you make the best decisions possible for yours and you leave it at that.
  3. You have no tolerance for people who aren’t on your frequency – like a fighter trying to make his way to the top, you get to a point where you simply can’t entertain just anybody. You’re too aware, too sharp, too quick, too focused to be bothered with beginners. You know the farce that’s been placed in front of you and you’ve transcended it. You realize that someone of your strength won’t have many friends or allies that are worthy, and you are okay with walking and standing alone because you have enough confidence in your abilities to create the best life for yourself. You won’t hesitate to cut anyone off no matter who it is, family included. You walk through the dark toward the light, and you’re not afraid to leave the false world behind.
  4. You accept the fact you’re a loner and learn to embrace it – although this sounds like “Forever Alone” or “True-Forced Loneliness”, this isn’t what this is about. This is where you begin to value your alone time because it becomes the source of your creativity, your drive, your passion, your commitment to mastering your craft; this is where you truly start to find yourself and invest in yourself, this is where you discover who you truly are and what you truly want form this life. This . . . is where you embark on the path to enlightenment and self-transcendence.
  5. You realize nothing matters in the end, that it was all just a game – Life is a game, nothing more. Nothing in this world has intrinsic meaning except what we attribute to it as humans. Everything you see is only a construct created by our minds to ground ourselves in a groundless reality. Without this construct we would fall endlessly, which sounds terrible, but, in the end, it makes no difference because we will cease to feel the sensation of falling and become grounded, stationary.

No matter what happens in this life, it will all be alright in the end. No matter what darkness you face, what trials you overcome, what accomplishments you achieve. Nothing matters and that’s alright for it was all a game anyway. A game you can play again and again in different forms until the end of time, and even then you can play the game still. This is what it truly means to be Black Pilled, to accept the darkest path to reach the brightest light.

To experience your brightest nightmares and darkest dreams, and realize they are one and the same in a world, in a life, where nothing is as it seems.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week. . .

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