The 5 Biggest Tricks In History (Philosophy)

I’ll use MGTOW terminology for this one as everyone will benefit as well as understand what the acronym is really about. MGTOW isn’t just about getting laid and living the high life filled with worldly pleasures. MGTOW is not a movement, group, cult, community, or anything of the sort (though those factions exist within MGTOW).

No, MGTOW is a philosophy. That’s all.

MGTOW is predicated on elevating one’s state of awareness as it pertains to the world around them, seeing reality for what it is rather than what they want it to be. MGTOW is about taking your power and individuality back as a man, about putting yourself first for a change instead of serving a society that doesn’t give a damn about you. To put down the swords and guns that were thrusted into your hands based on your conditioning and indoctrination at an early age. MGTOW is about becoming a human again, breaking out of your trance-like state and living life consciously.

With that said, let’s get into it.

1.Religion– Now, everyone knows religion (especially Catholicism) is major league bullshit, when put into the late George Carlin’s words. But, very few people know how religion was truly started. Religion came from the mystics of ancient times that discovered the nature of existence and the point of life on earth. However, the mystic’s insights were so radical and ahead of the time, they had to be watered down to suit the masses. The mystics operated on a higher frequency than the average person; so, from the perception of the ordinary man, the mystic is insane. Remember when Jesus said, “forgive them for they know not what they do”?

What Jesus meant was that the masses didn’t have the awareness to understand the true nature of existence and reality. They did not comprehend that there was and is no such thing as “us” and “them”, that all life forms and sentient beings, as well as non-living things, were one and the same. That things such as “good” and “evil” are constructs created by the mind to create separate realities within the singular reality that encompasses everything we know and don’t know.

In short, the masses are a lost group of people that were manipulated into believing in a false God and dogmatic system that tells them how to live their lives; which is why more people have been killed in the name of god than anything else on Earth.

2. The American Dream– If not for Religion, this would easily be number one. America has advertised and continues to advertise itself as “The Greatest Country in the world”. Many people around the world still believe this and move mountains to get here. However, with things like MGTOW and The Red Pill on the rise, America’s advertisement is being revealed for the farce it is. Men in this society have been tricked into believing they will receive a wife, two kids with a third on the way, a two-story townhouse with two cars in the driveway and a white picket fence.

However, all men are getting is their rights taken from them, their homes, their money, their children, their cars, their dogs, their retirement and life insurance. Everything. Men are being stripped of their resources while the divorce industry is raking in the cash. Women are becoming more aimless and destructive as time goes on and real men, men with backbone, are being silenced and exterminated. Men are being thrown in jail, killed, beaten, separated from their families by police brutality and it’s not just black people. Everyone is getting it in this society and at this point, it can’t be stopped.

The American Dream is for those who are still asleep. Those who are naive and ignorant of the world around, only concerned with pleasure and the avoidance of pain. Those who live in fear of having their false parade ended in the face of the truth: that America doesn’t give a damn about its people, and that it will sacrifice and throw away its most faithful servants to fulfill its political and global agenda.

3. Government– Some have said the etymology of the word means to “control the mind”, and although I haven’t found conclusive evidence to support the claim, I wouldn’t be surprised if it did. The government controls the masses through politics and mainstream media. Why do you think the rap music is so trashy? The T.V. shows regurgitating drama and negativity? The news spreading fear and misery at every turn? The fact we’ve had forty-five presidents and yet nothing has changed? The relentless pushing of certain agendas such as the LGBTQ?

No, I don’t hate the LGBTQ, but, the lengths that are being taken to push this agenda are suspicious to me, is all.

The reason everything is so trashy and the world around you, those of you who know something isn’t right, is so absurd it’s cartoonish is that this is all part of a grand design to control the masses. The governing body doesn’t want people to become aware of themselves, to have critical thinking skills and to make the best decisions for their lives because people with minds of their own are hard to control, hard to manipulate, and without people to manipulate, the pyramid scheme known as society can no longer stand. Hierarchies would collapse, order would be abandoned and there would be anarchy. . . at least, for a certain time.

I would go in more on this, but, I need to do more research. Until then.

4. Woman = Goddess – This one is simply ridiculous. The world looks at women as being incapable of harming, destroying, killing, and evoking hell within society when that is the furthest thing from the truth. There are men who’ve had their lives destroyed by women, men who would gladly spend the rest of their lives with them, men who would do anything no questions asked, men who are honest and hardworking and who’d never harmed anyone in their entire lives. Most women in the world are actually devils, they just know how hide it.

Again, I don’t hate women. However, female nature dictates constant disorder and chaos while male nature dictates order and peace. Both men and women were created to balance each other out. However, in a gynocentric society, women have been allowed to run amok and behave recklessly without consequence and accountability for their horrible decision-making. While men have to clean up the slack and pay for their mistakes with not only our money but our lives.

This is a farce and it’s coming to an end slowly but surely with the rise of MGTOW.

5. Men = Servants to society and women – Do I even need to go into this one? Look men, take off the cape. Stop saving whores and sluts. Stop paying for other people’s mistakes and put yourself first for once in your life. Do some soul searching and find out who you really are and be that rather than what society tells you to be. Stop being a simp! Stop being a mangina! Stop being a bitch and take charge of your life! Follow your own direction and never let anyone make your choices for you!

You know this world is bullshit, so stop eating bullshit and go your own way! Set some standards, boundaries, rules and tenants to follow. Develop some principles and learn to live your life beyond fear, beyond women, beyond pussy. Life is more than that, and the moment you realize that is the moment everything will change for you!

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week. . .

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