A Shot in the Dark: A Short Story Collection

My new book “A Shot in the Dark: A Short Story Collection” is out now!

Check it out and leave a review!

I’d like to thank the people who supported me from day one of this writing endeavor as well as the new people who join me every day. Writing is a long-term endeavor that has many ups and downs but, as they say, nothing amazing comes easily.

Publishing is something many dream of doing but few achieve, despite books being published every second of every day. Some people publish one time and never publish again, some succumb to hardship and decide to put down the pen.

Well, I’m here to tell you to never put down the pen, never stop writing and never stop chasing the dream. It will come true if you want it enough, put in the work, and disregard the naysayers.

Again, thanks to the day ones and the new people who’ve joined me to day and will join me in the future. I will continue providing value for the long haul and i hope many of you will join me for this long and perilous journey.

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