Quick Tips for Revision

Revision is a step that comes before editing as it handles some of the more macro issues in your writing. However, some writers conflate macro and micro issues when it comes to revising and editing. So, here are some quick tips for you!

  1. Touch the senses– make sure you incorporate at least three of the five senses in any given scene, mainly sight, sound, and smell (if you can include taste and touch, even better).
  2. Make sure the tense is consistent– sometimes, we switch up tenses without even knowing it, which throws off the flow of our stories; so, in every chapter, make sure the tense is consistent. This way, your story will come across much clearer.
  3. Make sure backstory lines up throughout story– sometimes we need info we wrote down way back in chapter one but forgot throughout the story. Always go back and check to see if the character’s backstory lines up and remains consistent throughout the story, that way the character’s life seems more real.
  4. Work on one chapter at a time– it doesn’t matter how long it takes but the fact you do a quality job the first time around, that way you’ll have less work to do moving forward. Do you really want to be revising a story for six months?
  5. Make sure the storyline is clear and concise– it’s not so much about making the story better. The story is already good, it’s mostly about removing the mistakes and making sure the story is conveyed clearly. That way, it has the power to move your readers and catch the eye of anyone who likes the genre you’re in, making it easier for people to trust you as an author.

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