Doing Away With It All (Philosophy)

I’ve decided to go away with it all. With money, success, women, relationships, society, everything. I have decided I would be content with a quiet existence not being bothered with anyone. That I would be satisfied writing stories for a small but dedicated fan base. I have decided that I don’t want all the riches and material things the world has to offer, for those things don’t satisfy me.

What I value is peace, quiet, and solitude. I don’t mind being around people for a bit here and there but too much socializing is draining. I’ve learned to enjoy my own company and get comfortable in my own skin. I’m learning more about myself and realizing my strengths and weaknesses.

I’m finally starting to ask myself the big questions. I’m finally sitting and considering myself. I’m starting to realize that I wasn’t put here to pay for other people’s mistakes. I wasn’t put here to be someone’s ROI. I wasn’t put here to save people from their irrational life choices. I was put here to live my life on my terms.

I’m not obligated to be responsible for anyone but myself; however, I realize my actions do affect others somewhat and will try to mitigate that as best I can. It is all I can do.

I realize that I need to stop being afraid to be myself unapologetically. I realize that being myself is the number one lesson life is trying to teach, the second being to stop caring what people think about me.

So, I’m doing away with the materialist paradigm and am going on the self-actualized path. Marriage, family, relationships, wealth, status, etc. All these things mean nothing to me because they are all points on an imaginary scoreboard. Money is just an imaginary measurement of success within the rat race that I didn’t ask to be apart of; however, I have to put food on the table too.

Aside from that, I’m done. I’m not playing the game.

Instead, I’m living my life on my terms and walking my own road. I’m doing things my way and I no longer care if I’m remembered in the history books. If I am, great. if not, great. It makes no difference. However, while I’m alive, I’ll provide as much value as I can and nothing will stop me from doing that.

Just a thought.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week. . .

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