Writing Your Own Way

When we first start out, we copy the greats. We see what they’ve been able to get away with in the past and think we can do it too, until the real world tells us that what we’ve produced is nothing but recycled material they’ve seen before.

So, we adjust and still copy the greats, trying to figure out what’s in and current, what’s cool and popular, what the people like. But, we never stop to consider what we as the writers would like to happen in our stories. I mean, we are writing them, right? Shouldn’t we have some say on what happens?

I think we should.

It is now that I ask, what type of stories do you like? Not only as a writer but as a fan. What stories really get your to express your true self, what stories truly inspire yo? Immerse you in the world of the book, movie, or show? What stories touch your heart personally?

Seriously, you need to consider this.

If writing feels like work, then there is no joy.

If there is no joy, there is no love; if there is no love, there is no passion and if there is no passion. . . there is no life.

So, I’m suggesting that you do away with the constraints of convention. To write in the way you want to write. Don’t worry, no one has to see it if you don’t want them to; however, you as the writer should have the freedom to truly express what you want to see in your stories, what gets you inspired, what reminds you of the reason you chose writing in the first place.

Think about it.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week. . .

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