A Dangerous Game

A dangerous game with a seductive allure,
The prospect of entertainment and thrill, the
Denizens of the deep and conquerors of the
Night let their hair down and socialize about
Their latest conquests and kills, the talk of death
Permeates throughout the building, grim reapers
Lurk in every corner, waiting for the poor bastard
That makes a wrong move, says the wrong thing, look
The wrong person in the eyes or starts the wrong fight.
A dangerous game with rough and roguish people, monsters
And predators, rather, their teeth and fangs concealed in
Expensive suits and shaved skin, with ice blue eyes and dark
Hair leaning against the wall dancing with death and its shadows.
Eyes skulking around the room looking for easy prey to devour in
The limelight, those innocents who seek to be daring, seek to be                   
Exciting, to be exhilarated beyond their wildest imaginings.
A dangerous game with bright lights and the smell of debauchery
And wanton sex, impaired judgments and repressed desires
Pouring out of reckless souls with directionless egos that
Seek to destroy themselves in attempts to save themselves,
Losing the game of survival while playing the game of kings,
Leaving the arena in pain and sorrow, letting the inevitability
Of their death sink in.
A dangerous game, only those with wits of steel and authentic
Natures can truly win.

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