Evolving As An Individual (Philosophy)

It is time you start focusing on the things you live to do and immersing yourself within them. I don’t mean the vices and addictions, but the productive things that feed your soul, give you that little moment of freedom from all your responsibilities and obligations, that moment of nothingness that feels like God giving you a shoulder rub, those moments where the world fades away and nothing exists but the thing in front of you.

Those things.

To evolve as an individual, it is not about getting stronger despite your disadvantages but eliminating them altogether. The key to gaining anything in life is getting rid of the stuff that weighs you down. Now, sometimes you have to take on extra weight to get stronger but, at some point, you must remove it to see how strong you’ve become.

It is time you stop focusing on the outside world and start focusing on the inner world, the world you run away from through anime, pornography, drinking, partying, hanging out with friends, chasing the opposite sex, etc. It is time you sit with yourself and start asking the question, what is my ideal life?

So, what is your ideal life?

What lifestyle makes your soul relax, puts you in a state of eternal bliss, fulfills you beyond measure, makes you content and satisfied? What is it that you truly want? Chances are, fame and adoration isn’t it.

Or, maybe it is, I’m just posing the question.

Whatever your name is, whatever your race is, whatever country you live in, whatever culture you see around you, ask yourself: what is my ideal life, and is what I’m doing right now in alignment with that?

If it isn’t, align it.

If it is, more power to you.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week. . .

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