Transcending In Your Life As A Writer

Quick question: what is your ideal life? No, really. What is your ideal life? Does it align with your goals as a writer? Is it in tune with your center of existence? Does your soul feel right when it thinks of your ideal life, or is it just a romanticisation of what you think your perfect life will be?

I ask these questions because there are a lot of writers in the wind with no direction in their life as well as their goals. Many writers fail to understand their true role. They are not slaves created to entertain the masses and teach them something every now and again, but messengers from the most high, or prophets, if you like the term, sent to convey the essence of life through the lens of certain aspects (romance, war, fighting, non-fiction, fantasy, etc).

The writer is not meant to be a drone that creates all day for nothing in return, the writer is an individual as well and it is not the readers, but the writers themselves that fail to acknowledge this.

We all understand what we need to do to improve our techniques for the readers, but what about what we need to do to improve ourselves as people? The level of awareness we have dictates the level of profundity we exhibit in our writing as well as our perception on life.

Which is why I’m asking what is your ideal life? To live peacefully and come up with stories, to not be in the spotlight but have a reliable and dedicated fan-base that truly loves your work? Or, is it to be the next Shakespeare. To live in the spotlight (though Shakespeare himself didn’t), to be remembered, immortalized, to be the greatest writer of the century and perhaps history?

Neither one is wrong, I’m just asking which one is it for you?

As a writer, it is time to put yourself through the ringer a bit and stop using characters as a shield. it is time you overcome your own hurdles so that your characters can overcome theirs. It is time for you to improve so your characters and storytelling evolve with you, so that you can ascend into the stars, if you so wish, and become the writer you’ve always wanted to be.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week. . .

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