Living in The Dark (Philosophy)

When one comes over to the dark side of life and learns the truth that the world tried to hide, they find it alluring at first because of its newness. The dark side defies all the norms they’ve been accustomed to growing up, they think its cool, trendy, and whatnot. But, if they stay in the dark side and really discover what it means to be in the dark, they come to realize everything they though they knew about life is wrong, and a grim and scary reality is revealed to them.

The thing about the dark is that people go through it in different ways. It’s meant to be a transition from the naive and innocent to the battle-hardened and wise. You’re not supposed to live in the dark; however, you’re going to be there for a while. When in the dark, you must embrace the pain and suffering, relish in the anguish, release the tension inside yourself and override that instinct to resist, for resistance creates suffering.

The dark is meant to separate you from society, to shatter the false reality and leave you with a blank slate. It is meant to remove all the superficial and artificial obstacles that stand in your way, to reveal the real obstacles you need to overcome to know yourself, to learn things about yourself you never knew. To find out your purpose for existence, to create your own meaning for this life.

The dark is meant to make you strong, to force you to make a decision. The pain and suffering is to push you in a direction whether it be life or death, it is your soul finally taking over and willing you on to the right path. The dark is meant to align you with you.

So, don’t live in the dark side for it will not keep you strong. It will only drive you insane. Stay there as long as you need to, until you develop the strength to move forward, but, after that, you must move on from the dark into the life. You must present yourself to the world and walk toward your purpose. But, most importantly, you must come out of the dark with a new perspective and compass, a new direction, a new mindset.

Alright, that’s my spiel. Til next week. . .

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