Poem Twenty-three

A little girl devoid of fear is more
Dangerous than she appears, for her actions
Are the most reckless and leave people, people
She cares for, the most affected.
She walks the streets like perfection, the way her
Mother used to, until that perfection was exposed
And all the imperfections were shown.
The little girl grew up as flawless but little did she
Know that through her reckless actions she would become
Lawless, and should she continue such a lifestyle, she would
Find herself in a shiny, new coffin.
Throughout her life she remained fearless and had gotten that
Confused with being peerless, as if she were on top and everyone
Else below, and it was then her ego suffered a shocking blow.
She met a man greater than her but he was not fearless, he simply
Acted in spite of his fear and admitted his imperfections to her,
Laid himself bare and told her he loved her, and that before she
Answer his question, she must answer another . . . does she love

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